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amal195 asked:

Salam alaikum wa rahmatu Allahu wa barakatu. May Allah reward you for this beneficial blog. May i use your Posts for a Dutch forum? I Will link it to your Tumblr. Let me know in shaa Allah

wa alykum asalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. Ameen wa iyakum. Yes, please feel free. May Allah bless you with good.


Anonymous asked:

As salamu alaykum, britehr on your scribd account there was the explanation of al Qawaa'id al Arba'ah (four fundamental principles). The explanation was by shaykh Saalih alfawzan translated by shawana aziz. Can yiu please give link for it.? I can't find it anymore on scribd

Wa alykum asalam wa rahmatullah.

Here is the only file that I had for that: Four Foundations Of Shirk by Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab:

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